Blueyonder Proxies

Blueyonder have now removed the regional transparent caches so everyone will be accessing web pages directly. For those that still want to go through a proxy server they have setup a centralized one which can be accessed via webcache.blueyonder.co.uk on port 8080.

There is a test currently running for the new cache farm that Blueyonder are testing, this will replace the centralized one in due course. If you wish to try this out use cachefarm-test.cableinet.net on port 8080, note this URL is likely to change so I cannot guarantee how long it will work for.

I will endeavor to update this page as things change but if you find anything out yourself feel free to email me.

update 24/07/03

The testing of the cache farm has ended so cachefarm-test.cableinet.net will no longer work, hopefully they will introduce it permanently, until then use the webcache.blueyonder.co.uk address.

update 16/11/03

From the BY anouncements page :-

"The cache farm, to replace the current webcache.blueyonder.co.uk , is entering implementation phase. The machines were moved to their racks in Knowsley today, and the "go live" switchover will happen within the next fortnight.

If you have any webcache set manually in your browser, please ensure that it is webcache.blueyonder.co.uk . The remaining regional caches will be decommissioned soon after the cache farm goes live and customers using anything other than webcache.blueyonder.co.uk may experience browsing problems."

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